After the man turned black,

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Looking as if he had a card, Tao An loosened his hand and pushed the bartender out of the door. He was caught off guard and fell to the ground.

Looking as if he had a card, Tao An loosened his hand and pushed the bartender out of the door. He was caught off guard and fell to the ground. Even if he was injured, he also endured fear and wanted to rush in to protect the Lord, but under the signal of Jinyun shaking his head, he was unwilling to leave. Peach Ann entered the inn, quietly swept the situation did not find a vision. Jinyun's predecessor wanted to close the door. Seeing Hua Yue, who was petrified by the development of the plot, he whispered, "Won't the girl come in?" Hua Yue hurriedly dodged into the door, this shop located in the boundary of the friar, without the permission of the owner, she could not enter the door casually. It's the first time I've seen such a thin man. Tao An looked carefully at Jinyun and smiled. "You look like a great beauty in your clan." Gluttonous, and looks in the bottom of the four fierce beasts, so after turning into a human form, they are generally fat, or not good-looking. Jin Yunshi such appearance, although not national beauty, but also can be called a small Jasper delicate and moving,stainless steel toilet, but also their own cooking a good meal, is really an alien in gluttony. Jinyun was not angry when she heard this. She stretched out her long white hand and poured a cup of green tea for each of them. When Hua Yue heard the word Taotao, she was in a trance and found that someone had poured water for a ghost. She immediately took it with great trepidation and even smiled gratefully at Jinyun. This good-for-nothing knows how to play hard on himself. Tao An complained in her heart that she didn't want to see her like that, so she said bluntly to the smiling Jinyun: "We are all visitors from the same hundred thousand mountains, why don't we see them?"? And the interests of you and me do not conflict with each other. Have you forgotten what Emperor Taiyi Xi left behind?! Shiwandashan refers to the realm of Kunlun. Although they have internal struggles, they should help each other in the external situation. Located in the gathering place of monks in the human world, she saw a towering evil spirit here a hundred miles away,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, and took Huayue outside the shop for a long time before she was sure that it was a glutton. But Jin Yunshi saw that he had been waiting and did not want to invite him to a meal, which was really abominable. Tao An measured others by himself and only thought that Jinyun was stingy. The demon clan has a strong sense of honor and disgrace, and is the most United among several clans. When the Lich war, Fuxi sacrifice for the demon clan, too one pulled several big witches self-explosion, stay, hope that future generations of the demon clan in the interests do not conflict, must unite and help each other for a chance of survival. The tragic war left a great impression in the hearts of the demons. Even if the newborn little demon, the soul also has a faint feeling. If there were other races in the shop today, Tao An might not have used this trick to question her, but she was a glutton and a Jinyun. Ancestors experienced the direct line of the war, there must be blood inheritance, so she dared not let go of her. Although gluttony is a fierce beast, Time Delay Tap ,Flush valve price, but that is because of the powerful ability and character, this Jinyun looks at the pure soul, must not be a great evil generation. Peach Ann is to eat her heart is not hard, more than one thing is better than less, will not want to fight with their own to make a living. "I just want to have a meal, and I won't depend on you. Why should I be hungry for so long?" Although Tao An really wants to stay with her for a period of time, but she is still the villain to complain first, this move is also learned from Zhang Chenjing, sometimes can always get unexpected surprises. I haven't seen you for many years. Taoan, you are more shameless. A figure came down slowly from upstairs. It was a very beautiful man. He was wearing black clothes with gold thread on his sleeves. His slender fingers groped for the beads in his hands. Raising his face, the phoenix eyes seemed to smile and looked at her sarcastically. Seeing his appearance, Tao An was so frightened that he almost sat on the ground, which was really a surprise! Just now I was elated to bully Taotao, and the newspaper of this world came too fast! She stood up to speak, only to find that she had just lost her voice and coughed twice to clear her throat. He respectfully raised his hand to apologize and said, "I haven't seen you for a long time. I suddenly remembered that I have something urgent to do today. I'll see you another day. Goodbye!" Lift a foot to want to walk, had not arrived half pace to be drunk by too one: "Stop!"! The demon who bullied me still wants to leave? Tao An closed his eyes tightly and clenched his teeth, thinking to himself that he had spent eight lifetimes to meet this guy. Ease your mind, open your eyes, turn around and sincerely apologize to Jinyun: "I'm sorry. I'm too reckless. I'm really acting like a demon.". A kind-hearted glutton like you will not haggle with a shameless villain like me. Jin Yunshi just smiled and did not answer. Tao An scolded in the heart, the original look is a gentle can be bullied, did not expect or a black heart. But it's not surprising that it's a crazy man like Tai Yi. No one paid any attention to her, and the scene was once awkward. Hua Yue stared at the cup of tea in front of her and smelled it hard, as if it were the best tea in the world. Tao An was so angry that he jumped to his feet. Even if he had eaten for so long, he would play dead. It was not reliable at all! Tai Yi seemed to have appreciated enough of her anxiety and said slowly, "Your apology is the same, and you have no sincerity.". I didn't expect that after a thousand years, it would still be like this. Tao An was so angry that she had said that modesty was not enough. She glared at him and said, "Do you blame me?"? I just want to have a meal, and she hangs me for hours. "Why should you eat when you have no money?" Just as Tao An was about to retort, Tai Yi was suddenly enlightened: "Oh, I forgot. It's shameless." Hearing this, Taoan was dumbfounded. That's too much. It's a personal attack! They're thousands of years old. Who hasn't done something bad? She robbed the house and wanted to threaten a meal, and this kind of thing would always be against her. That's enough for you. What do you put in here with a Buddha bead. I'm shameless. What's the matter with you. I bumped into him today, and I've said I'm sorry. What else do you want? Tao An deliberately stabbed him. "You remember what happened nearly ten thousand years ago. It's really hard for you." Just point at Tai Yi's face and scold him for being petty. As expected, Tai Yi was so angry that he said with a smile, "All right, it's none of my business.". It is said that Zhang Chenjing lost his precious umbrella. He is frantic. Recently, he is looking for it everywhere in the world. You said I would detain you today and give it to him. Tao An's face turned white, and Tai Yi seemed to appreciate her nervousness. He pretended to ask Jin Yun, "To help the couple who are in conflict get back together, am I doing a good deed every day?" "Tai Yi!"! Donghuang! East Emperor Taiyi! Tao Anhu's birth interrupted him and said sincerely,Time Delay Faucet, "I was wrong!"! I am too shameless to drag the face of our demon world. Fortunately, I met you today, so I was able to return to the wrong path! I must be educated to be a good demon. 。