Burning love and official career

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Zhao Desan said, "Man, let me be your elder sister's man, ha ha." He laughed to himself. Malan Chapter 22 of the first volume is not close to women's heart panic.

Zhao Desan said, "Man, let me be your elder sister's man, ha ha." He laughed to himself. Malan Chapter 22 of the first volume is not close to women's heart panic. Zhao Desan complained in his heart, yesterday with Zhang Aiai, he released a total of five times, five times a night, and then energetic people can not stand every night so unrestrained release ah! Zhao Desan did not say not to come, but said: "Lan Jie, it depends on the situation, if there is nothing to come, mainly Lan Jie you are too busy, not necessarily at home at night." Malan chuckled and said, "That's true. Recently, I talked about coal supply with a thermal power plant in Hexi Province. I may have to have a dinner party tonight." Zhao Desan said with concern, "Sister Lan, you should drink less wine." Ma Lan has never been so concerned about, every time accompanied by those leaders and customers to drink, everyone just complimented her,Precision steel tubes, drink more, drink more, no one told her to drink less. Zhao Desan's simple concern made Malan's cold heart feel warm. Ma Lan sent Zhao Desan to the car and stopped. When Zhao Desan got out of the car, Ma Lan grabbed him and bit his lips. A slender hand groped to reach in from Zhao Desan's belt and directly touched Zhao's treasure. He played with it gently. Early in the morning, there were almost no cars on the street, and occasionally only one person passed by, and it was still dark. Zhao Desan was Ma Lan bite the lips gently sucked, after a while can not withstand the temptation of such stimulation,Precision Welded pipes, a hand to pull the car door again, from the collar of Ma Lan black coat into, touched the pair of plump lotus room under the tulle pajamas. Malan freed one hand and slowly put Zhao Desan's seat down, and then he lay flat on the seat, his hand still stroking Malan's white steamed bread. Sister Lan. Again? "Well.." Don't you want to? Malan lifted the lower front of the black windbreaker, a faint blush floated on her beautiful face, a blurred luster flashed in her bright eyes, and a bow and arrow posture. Want Zhao Desan still had to bite the bullet and said yes. He was afraid that if he said no, Malan would think he had other ideas. Little man, sister come up or you come up? Ma Lan lifted the lower part of the windbreaker to her waist and pulled the thin belt inside to one side. "Why don't you lie down and come from behind?"? How's it going? "Sister Lan, come up." Zhao Desan tossed about all night, already a little collapsed. Ma Lan sat on it with his skirt. The car was placed beside the Chinese parasol tree on the side of the road. The early morning fog was very heavy, the sky was dark, side impact door beams ,precision welded tubes, and there were hardly any pedestrians on the road. Inside the car, Ma Lan rode on Zhao Desan, twisting his waist hard and rising and falling crazily. From the outside, a luxury Audi swayed up and down. After the clouds and rain, Zhao Desanxu wanted to lie in the car and couldn't get up, but when he thought of what he was going to do, he still struggled to get up. Ma Lan cleaned him up with her mouth, sent him out of the car, waved to him and said, "Little man, I'll call you when I'm free." Zhao Desan looked back and smiled and walked into the neighborhood. Back in the room, the first thing Zhao Desan did was to unplug the Shanzhai mobile phone that was being charged. He turned it on and looked at it. The electricity was completely full. He looked at the time. It was already seven o'clock. He wanted to lie down and have a rest. He had a headache because of Malan. His legs were weak and he was trembling when he walked. It's getting late, so I have to hurry to the unit and get down to business. Zhao Desan washed his face in the bathroom and went straight out. At the entrance of the community, I bought two steamed buns and ate them. I was afraid of wasting time waiting for the bus, so I stopped a taxi and went directly to the Coal Bureau. After getting off the bus, the gate of the Coal Bureau just opened. The cleaner was cleaning the fallen leaves in the yard. When he came in, he gave him a respectful smile. Anyone who works here has the right to say something about these temporary workers. But Zhao Desan had a relationship with Zhang Aiai, and he wanted to see if he could help her in the future. Chinese society is like this, working in the state units, idle to death all day long, those old oil sticks never go to work on time in the morning, and run away one by one before the time to get off work in the afternoon. Zhao Desan just came, he felt that at least he had to behave himself for a period of time, so that Deputy Director Wang was completely unwary of him, and like them, late and leave early, in charge of the ball! Zhao Desan went into the office building of the Coal Bureau, went up to the second floor and came to the door of the office. He looked around, opened the door, locked the door from inside, ran over and stood on the table, took out the Shanzhai machine and opened the camera function. He carefully aimed the lens at the lounge inside Deputy Director Wang, and stuck the Shanzhai machine in the gap of the air conditioner. He specially picked up the white Shanzhao machine. He jumped down from the table and looked at it several times. If he didn't look very carefully, he couldn't see a mobile phone hidden there. This fake video can be recorded continuously for five hours, and the function is too powerful. Zhao Desan thought that even if there would be no beautiful spring scenery in the morning, he would charge it again at noon. Deputy Director Wang had already seen it clearly, and he would panic if he didn't get close to women for a day! When everything was ready, Zhao Desan smiled with satisfaction and looked at the watch on his wrist. It was almost eight o'clock. He hurried to clean up and let Deputy Director Wang come to see him busy. He took a broom and unscrewed the door of Deputy Director Wang's lounge. There was very little dust in it. He swept it and spread out the quilt on the bed, which was rolled into a knot. He felt like a servant of Deputy Director Wang. Government units have such unwritten rigid rules, in order to avoid taboo, but male leaders can not match female secretaries, if possible, Zhao Desan estimates that Deputy Director Wang at least has to replace dozens of secretaries. But Zhao Desan is a man, as long as he enters Wang Anguo's confidant,impact beam tubes, he will rise rapidly in the future. Zhao Desan cleaned all the corners of the office, wiped the tables and chairs again, and tidied up Wang Anguo's lounge so neatly that everyone wanted to stay inside. cbiesautomotive.com