It's not magic

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The thing grew bigger and bigger, and at last it bulged up like a hill, and the stinking, sticky, blood-colored liquid gushed out from the cracked gap, and when it fell to the ground, it suddenly turned into a slippery meat worm, which made a chirping sound and ate everything.

The thing grew bigger and bigger, and at last it bulged up like a hill, and the stinking, sticky, blood-colored liquid gushed out from the cracked gap, and when it fell to the ground, it suddenly turned into a slippery meat worm, which made a chirping sound and ate everything. Jiang Rongrong's hair stood on end. What she feared most was this kind of insect. When she saw them stirring into a ball, her face was numb. She even ignored Andre and the building shaking violently. She grabbed everything that could stabilize her body and climbed up the only water tower on the roof that could be climbed. She didn't know she had such a moment of agility. Fortunately, although the building is shaking badly, there is no sign of collapse, but here the earth is shaking, but also high up a hill like the entrance to the other world, the things inside are roaring and moving, everything around is quiet, as if no one noticed what happened here, so that Jiang Rongrong doubts whether what she is experiencing now is an illusion or a reality. But in any case, she couldn't just stand still and let the insects come up, even if she just looked at them and felt that her rational value was falling sharply. Although the insects did not climb fast, they followed Jiang Rongrong to the bottom of the water tower and had the posture of climbing up. Jiang Rongrong clung to the handle of the escalator on the water tower and hardly dared to look down. It was a sea of billowing insects. They're afraid of salt. Sprinkle salt. Andre had already been the first to climb to another water tower next to him. He did not know where to put a bag of salt down. Jiang Rongrong felt a bag of salt out of her backpack after hearing this. As an audience who had seen countless Western ghost movies,collapsible pallet box, she certainly did not forget to take a few more bags of salt with her. Anyway, it was useless and could be used for barbecue. In addition to salt, she also brought black dog blood, chicken blood, peach wood sword, donkey hoof and other common tools, which she got from several previous modules. Sure enough,plastic pallet crates, these insects were very afraid of sprinkling salt, squeaking and rolling around, and those who touched the salt immediately emitted a smelly black smoke, burst out a lot of juice, and then shriveled into a ball, which was drowned by other insects. That scene is enough to make anyone's whole body goose bumps, Jiang Rongrong closed her eyes for a while, she would rather face a thousand zombies than look at the insect group. The tall thing in the middle of the roof was still struggling desperately, and several times it made the outermost layer almost transparent, and Jiang Rongrong was about to see the outline of the thing below, but in the end it seemed to lose its strength gradually and was forcibly suppressed by an invisible force, and finally it was completely restored to its original state, leaving rubble on the ground. And piles and piles of instantly shriveled insect corpses. The swing of the small building also stopped, Jiang Rongrong still in shock from the water tower that had begun to shake and would collapse at any time climbed down, plastic pallet bins ,ibc spill pallet, endured nausea and stepped on the blackened insect corpses, and went to the edge of the top floor to have a look. She thought that such a big noise would attract people to come, but not only did it seem that everyone was asleep and nothing could be heard, but even the first few zombie guards were missing. Looks like we passed the test. Andrea, who did not know when to follow, stood behind her and whispered. But this time he was very cautious to keep a distance with Jiang Rongrong, and did not brazenly come up again. In such a short period of one or two minutes, the insect corpses under his feet began to desert, and soon dissipated and disintegrated at a speed visible to the naked eye, and finally completely turned into nothingness. Had it not been for the intense stench in the air, Jiang Rongrong would have thought that everything just now was her own dream. Test Silently chewing Andre's words in her heart, Jiang Rongrong felt in a trance as if she had captured the key words of the module, and probably guessed what tasks Sigma would assign. If there's nothing else, I'll go back to bed. Good night, madam. Andre did not stay too long, opened the roof door directly, and went down on his own. Jiang Rongrong was stunned for a moment, carefully followed the past, clearly heard the footsteps of Andre downstairs. Of course she didn't want to stay in the building any longer, but it seemed that she had no choice. Sighing, Jiang Rongrong followed downstairs and closed the roof door with his backhand. Since experiencing several tragic lessons, she has developed a good habit of closing the door at any time wherever she goes. Everything was normal in the corridor and corridor, except for the same bad smell, nothing unusual could be seen. Jiang Rongrong did not really want to know what had happened in the building just now, she did not even try to check around, all the way back to her room on the second floor, this time the door was easily opened. But unexpectedly, after the door was opened, Jiang Rongrong saw a strange woman standing inside, wearing a maid's uniform, wiping the mirror on the washstand. Excuse me, miss. She was probably in her twenties, with a small round face and a few freckles on the bridge of her nose. When she saw Jiang Rongrong coming in, she did not stop her movements and carefully wiped the mirror with a soft cloth. Never mind, I'll leave as soon as I get a brief cleaning for your room. Although the maid's appearance is not surprising, short and thin, but to Jiang Rongrong a very uncomfortable feeling, she did not approach, cautiously standing in the doorway, more do not want to talk to her. Somehow, she always felt that the maid was not human. And no matter how to look at, just experienced such a terrible scene, suddenly came to a maid in the middle of the night to clean the mirror, it is a living ghost story. Wait,plastic pallet manufacturer, clean the mirror? Does this have anything to do with the warning that suddenly appeared in the mirror before. The maid wiped the mirror several times over and over again before she stopped with satisfaction. She saluted Jiang Rongrong with her skirt and said politely, "Good night, Miss. I wish you a good dream." Jiang Rongrong pulled the corners of her mouth and smiled reluctantly. Couldn't she have a good sleep? Why would she make all kinds of moths every night.