Unspoken Star _ Butterfly Blue _ txt Novel Paradise

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Now that I have grown up, what do I want to do? Ye Fan asked himself more than once. There is only one answer: to do the same thing as your father.

Now that I have grown up, what do I want to do? Ye Fan asked himself more than once. There is only one answer: to do the same thing as your father. Unfortunately, he could not do it, and perhaps he would never know what his father was doing. He can only follow the same life as ordinary people step by step, and now he is going to college. On the wall outside the gate of the courtyard, there is a big "fold" character. The bungalow of Ye Fan's family was expropriated by the government, and the residents had already moved out. Ye Fan looked at the big characters on the wall and sighed: "It's terrible to be uneducated." Finally, he took another look at the hut and finally went to the entrance of the alley, never looking back. After Ye Fan got the demolition fee, he planned to go directly to the place where the university was located and be a homeless person for the time being! Say !txt! God . Don The second chapter leaves home Step out of the alley, Ye Fan is ready to take a taxi directly to the railway station, do not want to just stand on the side of the road, heard someone calling his name. He didn't have to turn around to know that he was his good friend for many years: Xu Yang. It's two o'clock in the morning, and there's nothing but the occasional speeding car. Xu Yang stood alone under a street lamp, looking a bit like a homeless waif. But the frame has to have, after all, still can not attract any sympathy, anyone to see this scene, the first thought will be: wretched. The second thought is: very obscene. Ye Fan went over and said, "Didn't you say not to send it?"? Why do you still want to come? Xu Yang was very depressed: "Do you think I would like to come? Xiaoqing must come.". Even if she comes, she has to cry and pull me up. What can I do? Xu Yang and Fu Xiaoqing are Ye Fan's friends for many years. They used to live in this bungalow. Later, the two families moved one after another. I thought we were separated, but I didn't expect to meet again in high school and be assigned to the same class. These two are the only two students who know the real situation of Ye Fan's family. Of course, it doesn't include the matter of "star killing". Ye Fan wondered, "What about Xiaoqing people?" Xu Yang is disdainful: "a big girl's home, said to go to the toilet in the middle of the night." Ye Fan said: "The public toilets in this area have been demolished!" Xu Yang smirked and said, "The house has been demolished,Nail machine supplier, but the ruins are still there!" Ye Fan suddenly sweats, this scene is really rare on ordinary girls, but it is very easy to become a fact on Fu Xiaoqing. Fu Xiaoqing has been mixing with two absolute boys since childhood, and her female lineage has been decreasing day by day. It is said that their family will move away, which is also one of the important reasons. Ye Fan says at this moment: "You let somebody else a girl go." That what ah! Xu Yang said, "I want to stand on the side and stand sentry for her, and she has to be willing to do so." Ye Fan suddenly smiled and said, "I don't know you yet. If you hadn't waited for me here, you might have gone long ago." Xu Yang gave a sneer: "Cut, I have a chance to see her. Do I need to hold on to it for a while?" Ye Fan did not speak, but his smile became more and more sinister, and Xu Yang suddenly realized something. As soon as he turned his head, sure enough, Fu Xiaoqing stood behind him, Nail machine manufacturer ,nail manufacturing machine, with shoulder-length hair, a broad white shirt, and a livid face, which was even more terrible than Sadako under the dim street lamp. Ye Fan lost no time to let out a few smirks, Xu Yang hit a cold war and said: "That." I Go to the toilet, too. "Stop right there." Fu Xiaoqing gave a sharp shout. The residential buildings on both sides of the road were lit up with thousands of lights. Xu Yang's expression looked very painful: "I really can't help it." Fu Xiaoqing waved his hand and said, "For the sake of Xiaofan catching the train, I won't haggle with you first." As soon as he heard this, Xu Yang, who seemed to be unable to straighten up, was full of energy. He nodded and said, "Yes, yes, it's important to get down to business first." "Are you going to take me to the railway station?" Asked Ye Fan. Xu Yang looked at Fu Xiaoqing and said only one sentence: "I don't have any money." Fu Xiaoqing's face turned green again. Ye Fan smiled and said, "Forget it. I'll go by myself. You can go back now." At this time, the atmosphere of parting arises spontaneously. Xu Yang also becomes serious. He comes up and pats Ye Fan on the shoulder and says, "Good brother.". ” Fu Xiaoqing finally took out a little girl at this time, sobbing and saying: "Xiaofan, remember to come back!" Ye Fan saw Xu Yang vomiting over there, but he nodded seriously. In fact, two people early know Ye Fan's plan, perhaps this walk will never see, but still can not help but say something to comfort themselves. When a taxi approached from a distance, Ye Fan waved to stop it and waved to the two men with the box. The driver parked the car on the side of the road and quickly stuffed Ye Fan's box into the trunk. Ye Fan waved to the two men again, pulled open the front door to get in, but heard the driver say: "Little brother, you sit in the back, I just accidentally spilled water in the front seat." Ye Fan looked down and saw that it was really wet. He glanced at the driver and got into the back seat with a slight smile. Roll down the window and continue to wave to two people, the driver has started the car, asked Ye Fan with a smile: "Is to go to school?" Ye Fan nodded his head. The driver asks again: "Are those two your classmates?"? Why didn't your family send you? Ye Fan said lightly, "It's so old that you don't need it." The driver also nods: "Young Man is different." The car drove very fast, and in a twinkling of an eye, Fu Xiaoqing and Xu Yang had already become two little dots. Ye Fan could not help sighing lightly, but the car suddenly braked at this time. The left and right doors were quickly opened, and two middle-aged men, who were almost the same age as the driver, had already put their hands on Ye Fan's shoulders. With the doors, the car immediately started again. A dagger was pressed against Ye Fan's waist. The one on the left said with a smile, "Don't be afraid, little brother. The brothers are short of money recently. I want to borrow some money from you." Ye Fan did not seem surprised and said calmly, "I have no money." The one on the right said, "We know you have no money, but you have a card, don't you?"? We'll pick it up with you later. The driver also says triumphantly at this moment: "How?"? I said there must be this fat sheep now,Automatic nail machine, right? This one is much better. The one on the left said, "You still have an idea, and you didn't go to school for years in vain." 。 3shardware.com