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Kegerator Suppliers The main component of the barreled beer distribution system is a device that quickly cools the beer flowing through the beer tube through the built-in compressor refrigeration system. It belongs to the beer beverage equipment. A complete set of beer and beverage equipment includes wine barrel, wine spear, distributor, pressure gauge, hose, mini kegerator, wine tower (wine column), wine label and beer tap. Beer or beverage is first drawn out of the barrel or other containers through the spear, distributor, pressure gauge and hose, then cooled by the mini kegerator, passed through the wine tower (wine column), and then came out from the beer tap. In this way, the beer or beverage liquor is more fresh and delicious, and is popular with customers. The mini kegerator is also called the beer seller. It is composed of a refrigerator, a draft beer barrel, and a carbon dioxide cylinder. Its working principle is to use the high-pressure carbon dioxide gas in the carbon dioxide cylinder to press the beer out of the draft beer barrel, so that the beer enters the refrigerator, and then flows out from the outlet nozzle. The beer through the mini kegerator is cool and tastes good. Refrigeration Mode From the aspect of refrigeration mode, it can be divided into water cooling type and direct cooling type. The water-cooled type is that the draft beer is circulated in the mini kegerator filled with water through the wine tube, and the draft beer will decrease with the decrease of water temperature, so as to achieve the refrigeration effect; Direct cooling type, as the name implies, directly refrigerates beer. The beer is added into the mini kegerator through the CO2 pressure, and the refrigeration tubes are arranged around it, so the temperature inside the box decreases, and the beer temperature decreases. Working Principle 1銆?Refrigeration principle The refrigerant in the compressor passes through the pipeline (the compressed gas in the pipeline, which has a high temperature) under the action of pressure to the condenser tube for cooling, and then the drying filter is used for filtering and drying. After the pure gas is pressurized by a small capillary tube, it is instantly released in the refrigeration tube to produce cold gas. The return pipe returns the gas to the compressor for recycling. 2銆?Cooling principle Beer (beverage) enters the refrigeration pipe from one end of the pipe connecting the wine barrel, flows in the coiled pipe, and then flows out from the pipe connecting the wine column after rapid cooling. Type of Beer Kegerator Appearance classification The mini kegerator can be divided into vertical, table type and tank type according to its shape characteristics. Among them, the series of mini kegerators have many kinds of wine heads, such as single wine mouth, double wine mouth and four wine mouth. Double Wine Mouth Beer Kegerator Beer Kegerator Table Type Beer Kegerator Function classification According to the refrigeration mode, the two mini kegerators can also be divided into colorful type and wine storage type according to their functions. The water-cooled type is the colorful type, and the direct cooled type is the wine storage type. Machine configuration The outer box of the mini kegerator is generally made of stainless steel, which will not rust after long-term use. The water-cooled machine wine tube shall be made of high-quality stainless steel, which is resistant to corrosion and oxidation. The effect of all copper cooling tubes is the best. The mini kegerator shall be equipped with carbon dioxide cylinders, beer barrels, wine dispensers (dispensers), wine pipes, gas pipes, etc. With the popularity of the market, the machine is more beautiful. Now we are producing a kind of oak barrel mini kegerator with beautiful appearance. Ways of use Various types of beer refrigeration equipment can be customized according to customer requirements, which is applicable to all domestic and foreign restaurants, restaurants, family banquets, bars and other large, medium and small occasions. Product Advantages 1. The mini kegerator uses high-quality stainless steel water tank and pipeline system to ensure pure water quality, clear and convenient maintenance. 2. Built in safety protection, low noise, power saving and durable. 3. Our brewers are simple to maintain, convenient to operate, advanced in design and excellent in manufacture All plates, pipes, pipe fittings, valves, etc. in contact with wort and beer shall meet the food standard. The parts in contact with beer shall be made of stainless steel 304. Rubber parts such as O-ring shall have NSF certification and the lubricating oil shall be Krupp lubricating oil imported from Germany. 4. The equipment processing is fine, and the welding (connection) precision reaches the sanitary standard; The exterior is mirror polished 5. With a perfect CIP cleaning and sterilization system, the equipment can be cleaned easily and thoroughly. 6. The main equipment has stable performance, without emission, drop, leakage and steam leakage. 7. The pipes between the equipment are connected by sanitary quick connection, which is convenient for disassembly, assembly, movement and transformation Instructions 1. During handling, the box shall be kept upright as far as possible, and the maximum inclination shall not exceed 45 掳. 2. The refrigerator shall be placed in an air circulation, cool and dry environment with no corrosive gas around. Keep close to the heat source and avoid direct sunlight. The box shall be placed more than 10cm away from the wall and leveled to keep the box stable to avoid vibration or excessive noise. 3. The refrigerator shall not be started 5 minutes after installation or shutdown, and shall not be started immediately after shutdown, and shall not be started within 30 minutes after handling and placing. 4. Note: Never use sharp metal tools to remove the ice layer. 5. If the ambient temperature is high, dew may be generated outside the box, which is a normal phenomenon. Please use a soft dry cloth to dry it in time. 6. Please clean the oil dust on the condenser and fan regularly to ensure energy saving and the best refrigeration effect. 7. The temperature in the box is controlled by a temperature controller, and users can adjust the temperature according to their own needs. Maintenance 1. In case of any abnormal condition found during the operation of the machine, it is not allowed to disassemble the parts at will, and it must be checked and eliminated by professional technicians in a timely manner. 2. The compressor shall be started repeatedly at an interval of 5 minutes to avoid serious accidents caused by the compressor. 3. The unit has strong heat dissipation, and the surface area of the remaining fins is dusty and greasy, so as to improve the refrigeration effect. 4. If the whole machine is out of service for a long time, cut off the power supply and keep the box clean and dry. Maintenance monthly 1. Power leakage protector: gently press the test key to test whether the protector switch is effective to protect life safety 2. Check the water level: check whether the water level is kept at the position where the wine tube and evaporator tube are submerged, and keep enough water for ice storage 3. Bottom plate: cut off the power supply and clean the dust and dirt on the floor with a brush 4. Gas pipeline: check whether there is air leakage at the interface 5. Pressure regulating valve: check whether the safety valve is effective, so as to protect the air pressure in the pipe and the barrel from being too high and causing danger 6. Distributor: check whether the safety valve is effective, so as to protect the air pressure in the earphone pipe and the wine barrel from being too high and causing danger Every 2 months Condenser: clean the dust on the fins with a brush Every 3 months Water tank: clean the dirt in the water tank on time to improve the heat conduction effect of the water tank Annually Check all liquor delivery pipelines connected with liquor. If the daily cleaning is not thorough, bacteria will grow over time. It needs to be disassembled for thorough cleaning to protect health.Kegerator Suppliers website: