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It is because he did not come, once the moon moved to start, giving the sharpest attack, he can not see the clue from the other side's defense and reflection.

It is because he did not come, once the moon moved to start, giving the sharpest attack, he can not see the clue from the other side's defense and reflection. And now, through his three times from different times, different directions, different means of sending troops, for Yang Hucheng, he has a very deep understanding. Attack, according to Liu month under the north herdsman military forces, must be able to attack down. But such a strong fortress. The price to be paid for the attack is heavy. Listening to Xuanyuan Che's answer, Liu Yue frowned slightly. Will it affect? "It has a great impact." The conversation between the two people was cut off, and outsiders could not hear what was said. Has been following behind the moon, acting as a perfect guard of the autumn mark, Yanhu, and others are clear. Beimu captured this Yang Hucheng, according to this look down at least to lose hundreds of military forces here. There are four hundred thousand wounded, to all the way into the hinterland of the Huns. This will have an absolute impact. Listening to Xuanyuan Che's words, Liu Yue's eyebrows became deeper and deeper. The consigliere is here. Just then,plastic pallet manufacturer, a low shout sounded. Accompanied by a low cry, Ouyang Yufei rode forward from the other side. Ouyang Yufei touched his nose after glancing at more than a dozen men who were quite conscientious guards. Very good. These dozen people have done a good job. I don't know if it's from a low position to a high position, in order to show their excitement and diligence, or what, it's always protecting the side of the moon. Even when he came, he seemed to be an outsider and wanted to announce loudly. I don't know whether to reward them or to throw them away. How's it going? What do you think? Immediately beside Liuyue, Ouyang Yufei looked at Liuyue a little seriously,mobile garbage bin, but not very seriously. Difficult to attack. Liu Yue did not look back at Ouyang Yufei and stared at Yang Hucheng Road in the distance. Offensive and defensive retreat is quite rapid. The elite soldiers on the fortress are hoarded, and the offensive and defensive coordination is perfect. The army is strong, the advance can be attacked, the retreat can be accepted, and the geographical advantages.. Speaking of this, Liu Yue's eyes flashed a trace of sharpness, looking at Yang Hucheng in the distance. Now standing at a high place, you can take all the Yang Hucheng in front of you into your eyes and see it clearly. The city of Yang Hu here is dark and built entirely of stone. From a distance, it looks like a turtle. A tortoise with its head and hands and feet all drawn up, leaving only the sharpest part of its armor. The impenetrable tortoise. Although there are weaknesses, it takes a lot of effort. Listening to Liu Yue's words, Ouyang Yufei opened his eyes wide with a slight surprise. Liu Yue doesn't know how to deploy troops and horses, let alone what is on the battlefield. But today how to say so precise, plastic pallet manufacturer ,spill plastic pallet, this is simply like a new person in general. Feeling the surprise of Ouyang Yufei around her, Liu Yue turned her head. Why, are you surprised? Liu Yue raised her eyebrows. Ouyang Yufei waved the folding fan in his hand and said, "a little." Looking at Ouyang Yufei without concealing, Liu Yue was very sincere and indifferent: "Wasn't I like this before?" Listening to Liu Yue's query, Ouyang Yufei quickly raised a smile on his face. No, no, it's just that you haven't been so good and so accurate before. It seems that you have learned a lot from these battles. Are you kidding? He doesn't want Liu Yue to think about the past. It's good to live like this. If you can't think about the past, you'd better not think about it. Liu Yue looked at Ouyang Yufei and nodded faintly, his face very pale. However, the oblique sweep to the side of Xuanyuan Che's eyes, but contains a smile and cunning. Small soldier Xuanyuan clear face does not change color, all when did not see Liu Yue open his eyes to lie, take his assessment directly as her. Now tell me how to attack? Looking at Liu Yue, who had become more and more intelligent because there was no Xuanyuan Che in his memory, Ouyang Yufei raised a smile in his eyes. Now that you can see so accurately, it is natural that Liu Yue should have a few in mind. A new military genius seems to be on the way. Ouyang Yufei asked, Liu Yue suddenly dumb, Xuanyuan Che has not said how to attack, how does she know how to attack. But Liu Yue is not obvious at all. Glancing at the battlefield, he looked up at the distance to meditate, with his hands behind his back, but with a slight hook toward Xuanyuan Che. You know, these two days her tactical round, all is Xuanyuan Che sound into the secret to her. Xuanyuan Che looked at Liu Yue's gesture, but did not open his mouth. This attack and defense can not be said clearly in one word. It is better not to say than to say that Ouyang Yufei caught the loophole. So as not to cause more trouble. Then he moved gently. Silent movements, indicating to Liu Yue what he meant. Liu Yue heard the movement behind her and her eyebrows moved slightly. How's it going? Do you think it can be used as a weak point to attack? It doesn't matter, you say, we can discuss it. Looking at Liu Yue meditating, Ouyang Yufei asked with a smile. It can be seen that it is already quite good. As for whether to say it or not, it's not important to attack from there. You can't ask Liu Yue to become a military genius at once. Liu Yue does not understand, he can teach, as long as she really has this talent. Smiling at Liuyue, Ouyang Yufei's eyes are a kind of indulgence and warmth. Looked at the distance to do meditation like Liu Yue did not see, the side of the small soldier Xuanyuan Che but see clearly, not black face. But fortunately, his face was already black, and he really couldn't see it. On the side of the autumn mark Yanhu see this look at one eye, Qi Qi snigger. What's that? In this snigger, looking at the distant Liuyue suddenly made a sound, but it was not Ouyang Yufei's topic. With the eyes motioned to the crowd along her line of sight, Liu Yue slightly surprised. People rarely see Liu Yue surprised,plastic pallet bin, but Xuanyuan Che and so on are very clear, Liu Yue may be taking this to change the topic. But I also looked at the past. Following the eyes of Liu Yue, Xuanyuan Che saw a white thing like the Milky Way in the green hills in front of him. It's like hanging upside down from the sky. It comes down directly from the sky and spreads to the earth.