YW type submerged desander pump is a vertical single-stage single-suction centrifugal pump structure. The pumps has a semi-open impeller. The external stirring blade is extended on the suction side of the impeller, and a cutter capable of crushing fiber weeds is installed on the front cover, which can stir back and break mechanically during work to prevent blockage.

The submerged desander pumps are mainly used for environmental protection, municipal engineering, thermal power plants, gas coking plants, oil refineries, mining, cement plants, food plants, printing and dyeing industries to pump concentrated liquid, heavy oil, oil residue, dirty liquid, mud, mortar, flowing sand and flowing sludge from urban sewage channels, as well as liquids containing coal blocks and ash. It can also be used to pump fluids and corrosive liquids containing sludge and slag in chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. YW type can also pump all kinds of human and livestock manure sewage and large and medium-sized biogas digesters, which are used for discharge in biogas engineering.

The model meaning of the pump
Such as: 80YW80-20A
W-Submerged multi-purpose sewage pump
80-Outlet diameter of the pump (mm)
80-Design point flow rate of the pump (m3/h)
20-Design point head of the pump (m)
A-impeller is cut for the first time

YW type submerged desander pump is a single-stage single-suction, submerged centrifugal pump. The hydraulic parts of the pump are connected with the bearing body and the supporting plate by connecting pipes. The liquid is discharged from the outlet pipe parts. The impeller is a semi-open impeller, and the impeller blade is equipped with stirring blades at the inlet extension, which can transport the medium containing particles. The longest submerged depth of the pump is 4.5 m. When the submerged length exceeds 1.5m, the shaft connection structure is adopted, and rolling bearings (grease lubrication) are installed near the shaft connection, which are connected by coupling sleeves. The bottom rolling bearing of the pump is isolated from the liquid level by mechanical seal and does not contact with the liquid. The pump bearing has sufficient rigidity to ensure the balanced operation of the pump. If it is operated in a deep well, a suction pipe can be added (indicated in the contract).

1. Preparation before installation, a. Check whether the water pump and motor are damaged b. Prepare tools and lifting equipment c. Check the foundation according to the drawing.
2. Install the support seat of the pump on the container and tighten it with bolts (if it is used for cement well irrigation, the anchor bolts should be set in advance).

Start and Stop
1. Observe whether the installation foundation of the pump is stable and whether the bolts of all components are tightened.
2. Check whether the axial clearance of the pump has been adjusted, and there is no friction sound when the coupling is pulled.
3. Fill the oil cup with calcium-based butter.
4. Check whether the rotation direction of the motor is correct.
5. Start the motor, open the pressure gauge cock, and adjust the gate valve opening to the required range when the pump is working at full revolutions.
6. When the pump stops working, the motor should be stopped first. Then close the pressure gauge cock.
7. When the pump stops running for a long time, the pump should be disassembled, wiped clean, coated with oil-proof for proper preservation.
8. of the gap should not exceed 1.5 meters. If it exceeds, the impeller or front cover can be replaced.Slurry Pump suppliers

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